All Levels  Our original PRANA POWER YOGA FLOW™, recognized by thousands of yoga students as the best flow ever.  It opens, cleanses, and energizes your Body, Mind, and Spirit and re-ignites your excitement for life.  Prepare to sweat and cleanse in our beautiful studios, heated to 90 - 95 degrees with just the right amount of humidity. 


All Levels - Unheated  For those who love our original All Levels Flow, but prefer to go without the extra heat, this is the perfect class.

Fundamentals  A great way to begin Prana Power Yoga.  You can also take this class at any time to fine-tune your alignment.

Fundamentals - Unheated  Our fundamentals class without the extra heat.

Hour of Power  Our All Levels Flow, but instead of our standard 75-90 minute class, you get to sweat, cleanse, and energize in just 60 minutes.  The Hour of Power allows you to fit in your practice even on busy days.

Prana 2 Music  The all levels flow, set to the best music ever.

Intermediate  If you’ve practiced at Prana for a year or have taken at least 50 classes, try this class to explore some new poses.

Prana After Dark  Features a blend of electronic, dub-reggae, and chill-out music coordinated in a playlist that is built to flow with the class.  Sells out so show up early.

Hot Hatha Flow.  Offers sequencing similar to a Bikram style class, but with more flow and more variation.


Slow Flow and Meditation.  Slows down the flow and deepens the connection between your physical and mental practice.

Relax&Renew.  Emphasizes the relaxed practice of floor postures for several minutes at a time.  Also includes mindfulness techniques.

Yin/Vin  The first half of class is inspired by the all levels flow.  For the second half, you will hold poses longer, up to 3-5 minutes.

Prana Acoustic  Your yogic Sunday brunch.  A creative vinyasa flow accompanied by an eclectic, acoustic music soundtrack, with occasional live musical offerings thrown in.

PranaKids  (Ages 3-7 and 8-12)  Runs concurrently with some of our adult classes, so you can enjoy the benefits of yoga as a family.

Community Class  Same all levels flow, priced lower than our other classes because these classes are taught by our recent Prana Teacher Training™ graduates

Barre (exclusively at our Winchester studio) Barre classes were inspired by the German dancer, Lotte Berk, and incorporate the use of a ballet barre to help tone, strengthen, and shape your body by focusing on specific muscle groups.  It is a complete workout meant to challenge every body, regardless of age, gender, or level of fitness. The hot barre classes will focus on using breathe and movement to sculpt your body and free your mind.


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