Tony Bartone

I flirted with yoga for a long time.  I really, really, liked her, but I was scared.  I was scared that when yoga got to know me, that she wouldn’t like me.  I was scared that she would judge me for all of my faults and imperfections.  I was scared that when yoga saw the real me, she would reject me and look down upon me, but the more I got to know yoga, the more at ease I felt.  Yoga was kind and compassionate.  She accepted me for me even knowing all of my faults, which see didn’t even see as such.  She had compassion for me and taught me to have the same for myself.  Yoga loved me and showed me that I am perfect as I am, just as everyone is perfect exactly as they are. now, yoga and I are in a committed relationship and I couldn’t be happier.  I love taking her everywhere with me and introducing her to everyone I meet.  And I am truly happy, because I know that yoga will be with me, always.