Teri Martin

Teri Martin is a 500 hour experienced registered yoga instructor and has been a yoga practitioner for 16 years. In her yoga teaching, she encourages, leads, and empowers students to tune in to and connect with themselves, creating increased physical and personal awareness.

Teri, an avid swimmer and former dancer, is passionate about yoga practice and its inherent benefits of increased strength, flexibility, and balance –  on and off the yoga mat.  She is an Artist, Art Consultant, Business Advisor and founder of TheArtNetwork.  Teri was formerly Managing Director, Seacoast Rep and Vice President of the Board of Directors, New Hampshire Art Association.  Her left brain has a Harvard MBA and is a former executive at HBO, Cinemax and Citicorp.

Teri’s vinyasa classes are enjoyable, thoughtfully choreographed and appropriately paced flows of ashtanga- based postures (asanas) and movement with strong emphasis on proper alignment, breath, personal awareness and individual attention.  Each session begins with relaxation using breath and gradual movement to bring focus and self-awareness to the practice and to help set intentions individually and as a unified group. Classes are an athletic, invigorating and challenging physical experience, with the beneficial outcome of calming the mind and relieving stress.

Clear, direct verbal cues and demonstration are used to lead the students through the flow of postures, focusing on building strength, flexibility and balance.  Strong emphasis is placed on assisting the students in establishing safe and affective alignment.