Taylor Wells

Co-owner, Co-founder & Co-director

Founder of Prana Power Yoga™, Author & Entrepreneur

Taylor speaks, teaches, and inspires at conferences all over the world, including The Nantucket Yoga Festival, The Young Presidents’ Organization, Prana Fest, Women’s Wellness, Longevity Now, The Yoga Chant Fest, and Yoga for Peace. She is a published author, entrepreneur, founder and owner-with her husband-of Prana Power Yoga™ (5 studios in Massachusetts and New York), United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador, Boston Herald Columnist, Clinical Psychologist, Boston Herald Blogger, Master Yoga & Spiritual Teacher, Creator and sole writer of Super-mom.com, and Healthy Lifestyle Activist. A graduate of Brown University (A.B.) and Columbia University (M.A., M.Ed.), Taylor trains over 100 yoga teachers a year in her renowned Prana Power Yoga™ Teacher Training Program in both Massachusetts and New York and teaches 25 times a week at all of her PPY locations. She is a happy Super-mom of five, including twin five-year-old boys, and resides outside of Boston. Taylor’s best-selling book—Create The Best Life Ever: Real Life Stories to Get Inspired, Inspiration Card Deck, and DVDs are available at TaylorWells.me, Pranapoweryoga.com, Amazon.com and selected stores.



“I lived my life competing and achieving. I was trained to do so by my family and our culture, and a part of my personality loved it because I could distract myself from all of the painful feelings I had inside from a difficult start in the world. I did a lot of stuff, got a lot of stuff, achieved a lot of stuff and won–a lot.

But I wasn’t happy.

At age 5 I practiced figure skating several hours a day and went on to compete, dreaming of the Olympics.
At age 13 I lived and trained with Nick Bolletieri in Sarasota, Florida to turn pro in tennis, living away from my family for a year.
In high school I played #1 on my Calabasas high school tennis team, won USTA tennis tournaments, got straight A’s and won homecoming queen.

I went to an Ivy League college (on a scholarship and aid and paid for it myself by working 3 jobs), an Ivy League graduate school for psychology, and did my clinical training at another Ivy League school, seeing students who had disordered eating, as I had had for a few years of my life.

I had it all–the perfect life! Complete with the perfect husband (a homecoming king), lots of money and Ivy League degrees, a big house and the perfect child.
But I wasn’t happy. My body hurt and my heart ached. I felt empty inside, like something was missing and/or wrong.

Then I found yoga.

This practice healed and transformed me on so many levels–in ways that years of psychotherapy alone never could. I remembered who I was. And what was important. I healed my back. I slowed down and began to breathe and live and experience joy. I was present in the moment and experienced each situation with integrity and grace. I stopped living in and for the future and mourning the past. I forgave many people, including myself.

I practice yoga every day and I live my yoga every day. I walk my talk. What you see is what you get. Yoga is a gift and my dharma.

I want to give this gift-the gift that changed and saved my life-to you. And I make it totally accessible so that ANYONE can do this. Don’t be intimidated. This practice is for you–and ‘every-body.’

A note on my ‘yoga training’:

Initially, I had nothing about my “yoga training” and yoga study included in this bio because I believe that one’s yoga comes from within and I’m all about accessibility and anyone can do this (see above). I’m not a fan of the ‘you have to wear these clothes and look like this and have trained with so and so to be a ‘real’ yogi or a yoga teacher’ mentality. That’s just another form of exclusion and superiority wrapped up in a yoga mat and scented with incense. I believe that there will be people who guide you and show you how to practice and teach the physical asana that originated over five thousand years ago, but ultimately your yoga is just that–your yoga. Just as your life is your life –you can choose to give credit to and/or blame others, but ultimately, it’s all up to you.
I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for those with whom I have studied and trained but undoubtedly my biggest teachers have been and continue to be my 5 children–Madison (18), Sage (11), Phoenix (8), Dakota (5) and Montana (5)–and my daily pre-dawn yoga practice.”