Slavica Milosevska

Slavica Milosevska is originally from the Metro-Detroit Area, and moved to New York City in 2006. She initially began practicing yoga for the physical benefits and started noticing her anxiety levels decreased dramatically, her mind was clearer and she was just happier. She felt like a whole new person and wanted to explore the depths of yoga. Slavica had various jobs in TV production but was not fulfilled, so trusting her gut, she quit her last “job” to become a yoga instructor. Slavica received her yoga teacher certification through Prana Power Yoga in 2010.Slavica teaches vinyasa, yin yoga and her trademarked program HIPrana (Yoga Belly Dance) at yoga studios and gyms. She created HIPrana to keep things fun for those who may be bored with exercise and to burn fat and calories. Working with adults, families and children, her passion is to bring people together through yoga and to have fun.