Nate Denison

My yoga practice was born amid an electric city of over 8 million people. While living in NYC several years ago, yoga provided peace of mind and solace in a place of constant movement and commotion. It helped me find a quiet place and strength within. The more practiced, the more I am amazed by the continual, positive evolution I experience in body and mind.

I teach as I like to practice – with intensity yet lightheartedly. Focused, yet buoyant. Exploring boundaries yet respectful of the edges of ability. Creating space with intention. Accessible, allowing room to modify as your awareness increases and body dictates on the particular day. Leaving your mat, feeling refreshed and centered. Smiles and laughter are welcome, too!

Both in and out of the studio, I’m passionate about assisting others in the pursuit and achievement of their goals. Hope to meet you soon and here’s to the light in all of us.