“Thank you Taylor. You are such an inspiration to me–Such a great teacher that you find the teaching everywhere and give it more power and purpose with your words and your forum.” – MB

Lorraine Shedoudi

prana manager

yoga allows me to feel happy in my own skin. through my practice i feel like i am living my best possible life. i took my first yoga class at age 18 and have been captivated ever since. i was born and raised in northern california, and have played competitive sports throughout elementary and high school and have battled with myself to achieve. the first time i was able to balance my competitive energy with my sense of self compassion was on my mat. for me, yoga brings together the mind, the body and the spirit in the most amazing and powerful ways. it continually creates a deep sense of connection, community and contentment in all parts of my life. i love watching yoga transform lives. prior to teaching yoga, i earned my master’s degree in counseling psychology and worked as a substance abuse counselor in boston. i used meditation to bring relief to those struggling with addiction. it is very clear to me that mediation and yoga provide amazing paths to deep and lasting wellness. i feel extremely grateful to be able to teach as well as practice yoga. it truly is an enlightening and humbling practice. i am extremely grateful for my incredible family and friends who remind me every single day that love is infinite and awe-inspiring. one of my goals is to bring our yogic experiences off the mat and into our daily lives, making our world a better place to be.