Lauren Froeb

It is absolutely amazing and inspiring to me how much my yoga practice helps me to honestly live life to it’s fullest.  I first practiced yoga in college and was lucky enough to be open to what the practice offers.  As stated in several yoga philosophy books small and subtle shifts in my life started happening as I continued to play with my practice.  In 2007 I committed to Prana’s teacher training.  Following the training I began teaching for Prana.  I left my elementary classroom teaching job after 8 years of fulfillment and began my journey as a yoga instructor. I can’t decide what is more of a gift, the time to be with people as they practice and we all evolve, the daily opportunity to mindfully set intentions and bring myself back to my true sense of self or the unwavering trust and faith that I passionately believe in myself and my practice. Infinite gratitude I send not only to my husband chris and our sons, Sebastian and Peter, but also to each one of you that shows up and spends time getting to know yourself in order to better understand who you are, what you want and how best to support your purpose in life~as you understand it presently. see you on your mat!