Jamie Barry

Jamie Barry.jpg

I am one of the many who initially came to yoga for the workout, and over time, discovered so much more.  When I started, the classes felt exactly like what my body craved.  It was invigorating, challenging, and felt like a natural extension of the movements I experienced growing up in ice skating and gymnastics, minus the competitiveness.  At first I dismissed the spiritual side that came along with the classes and figured I’d take what i wanted and leave the rest.  After some time, it became clear that it was the spiritual side that kept me engaged.  This is a practice that nourishes me with joy, empowerment, and lightness.  It has helped me find my voice. since I began yoga, there has been a palpable difference in the way I react to what life hands me, and I have found greater happiness as a result. It is reflected in the quality of my relationships off my mat, making room for more meaning and love. It allows me to know myself on a much deeper level and work through the subtleties of my experiences, growing from them in a way that I may not have otherwise.  Yoga has reminded me that my path is my destination, and is best savored every step of the way.  The missteps and the falls all add to the beauty and uniqueness of the experience.  I continue to seek out new ways to grow as a teacher and practitioner, taking workshops, trainings and master classes with teachers who inspire me, studying the history of yoga so as to maintain its integrity, and exploring complementary healing modalities like Reiki.  In teaching, I aim to help my students navigate their own individual paths and find similar joy.  It is my hope to provide classes that are simultaneously challenging, nurturing, honest and empowering.  My passion for the power of this practice is infinite, as is my gratitude for being a part of such an amazing community of yogis.