Ginny Caples

I have been a nurse for nearly 30 years (wow, I don’t feel that old) and knew I decided it was time to get healthy.  I first tried yoga in 2009, expecting perfection from everyone in the class, especially the teacher; and knowing full well my imperfect self, I wondered- how can I possibly “do” yoga?  I enjoyed my first class and went back for more.  I arrived at Prana Power Yoga (PPY) in 2010 and I was HOOKED on hot yoga.  I was surprised because I could never really stand the heat; now, the hotter, the better!  I practiced so often that I decided to become a studio assistant, I became the cleaning coordinator, and finally I completed the PPY 200-hour teacher training in March 2013.  I am happiest when I practice and when I am able to help guide others through their “personal” practice.  I love PPY and hope to see you soon, either beside me on your mat or as I help to guide you in your practice.