Francie Free Emlen

Surrender! Francie first came to yoga in the depths of a disconnect with her body in spring 2006. Formerly a competitive swimmer, when her career ended with varsity swimming she did not know what practice would develop from her physical body, mind and competitive spirit. Intrigued by the spiritual lessons of Buddhism and a promised, challenging sweat, Francie quickly became hooked on power vinyasa yoga and started to learn how to surrender to the control she sought like many other young adults. Practicing twice a week rapidly became working and hanging out at her local yoga studio in Philadelphia during her studies at Penn. Six years after her first class at Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia, Francie received her 200-hour teacher training certification in spring 2012. Prana Union Square became a home for Francie in the past 3 years and many hours of her certification were spent practicing at Prana with Rachel Page and Megan McNeal.

Yoga is an incredible life-long quest to live in harmony with the universe and to assist others in seeking and maybe finding that same peace. The journey of self-exploration started on the mat and has translated into every area of life. Francie finds more meaning, stillness and love in her relationships with others and her work as a nurse from the yoga practice. Francie hopes to help everyone to find their inner light and possibly peel off a layer or two each class to let that light shine! The breath is the primary source of music in Francie’s classes and she looks forward to hearing that oceanic rhythm. Come, smile, frown, laugh and sigh! Namaste