David Razinsky

I am originally from Lima, Peru. I have been living and studying in the US for over 10 years. A major shift began when I started practicing yoga eight years ago. It was then that I started to develop a spiritual connection to my body, to others and to the world in which we live.

I have completed two 200-hour teacher trainings with Dharma Mittra and Mano Ardissone. My Vinyasa style is highly influenced by Andrey’s Lappa Universal Yoga philosophy and teachings. My studies include meditation, Thai massage, diet and nutrition and Reiki. I’m also a Life and Wellness Coach. 

My classes are creative and dynamic, adapted to different levels of difficulty depending on the needs of the students. There is always a significant emphasis on alignment and working with all major joints in the body.

A unique aspect of my approach is the use of significant shoulder and arm poses to balance the work done by the hips and legs. 

I love traveling and have taught yoga in Miami, Lima and NYC. I’m a searcher, an extremely curious human being. I love soccer, chocolate and spending time with my family and close friends.