Caitlin Green

As a performer, Caitlin felt she needed a practice to bring her back to being authentic and in touch with herself. She began practicing yoga seriously about 6 years ago and it helped her to do just that. Her exhilarating trip to the temples in Nepal as well Buddha’s birthplace, had birthed her deep fascination with meditation and yoga. She began teaching yoga to children at the Kopila Valley Children’s home in Nepal before she was officially trained. Her experience teaching these children and the happiness they exhibited inspired her to seek certification. Caitlin was trained to teach at Prana Power Yoga and currently teaches here, The Breathing Room in Central Square, and at Art Mind Body in East Cambridge.  When asked about her teaching philosophy, she says, “when we are present with our breath, we can be in any pose and really feel where we are. It is with this true acceptance of being that we can then choose to change our relationship to whatever we encounter in life. I encourage students to take this body/mind connection and use it as a tool off the mat.”  Caitlin challenges students to discover their edge and incorporate restorative poses for balance.  She believes that the physical practice of yoga can be key to discover what resides on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.