Caitlin Green

    Caitlin Green is the founder of Self Love Yoga, a company with the mission to help people to love themselves and their lives. She offers workshops, such as The Self Love Yoga Workshop and The Embrace and Restore Workshop, to help people to release tension/stress and deeply nourish their mind and body. As a Reiki practitioner, she integrates Reiki into her classes/workshops to help support the body’s natural healing process while in Restorative Yoga poses. 

      As a certified life coach, she integrates themes in happiness and self-love to help her students learn to be happier, more confident, and more compassionate. She has a number of online courses to help her students create a home practice and learn more about the philosophy and science of what it means to live a genuinely happy life. She also teaches Prenatal Yoga weekly at the Cambridge studio and totally loves working with soon to be moms.

“I whole-heartedly believe we need to learn to love ourselves to love others. With compassion and kindness, we heal ourselves and the world. –Caitlin Green

     A believer in kindness, Self Love Yoga gives 5% of its earnings to reputable charities doing the good work. Her website is