Amy Apgar

Amy is a native Ohioan with a background in dance. She started practicing yoga as a teenager as a supplement to her dance training, but eventually what began as purely physical revealed a spiritual and mental transformation as well. While earning a degree in Modern Dance, she was inspired by her studies in movement, kinesiology and pedagogy and began teaching yoga based fitness classes. In learning about the personal experiences of her students, she was blown away by the hugely positive effect yoga had on their lives – from stress relief and increased self-confidence to eliminating anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Upon graduating and moving to New York City Amy knew she had to share this amazing yoga practice with more people.  

Amy completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Prana Power Yoga. She strives to strengthen, stretch, and empower her students through an active, moving flow that emphasizes breath, self-love and awareness. Her vinyasa classes are musical, sweaty and uplifting!