Alyssa Hale

Hi! Thanks for reading my bio!  I was drawn to yoga in 2005 when a herniated disk in my back left me unable to walk and / or function at my job for almost a month. At that point in my life I realized that I had to re-evaluate the way i approached “exercise.” I think, on a deeper level, I began to recognize that what was happening to me physically and mentally was very out of balance – and on a whim I just googled “boston yoga studios.”  My first experience with hot power yoga moved me so deeply that I knew, at the end of those 90 minutes, that this was something that I wanted to be a part of for the rest of my life.  After less than 1 year of practice I jumped into a teacher training program south of Boston and fell in love with so much of the yoga teachings, philosophy and history. I began my teaching journey in 2006 and am truly humbled to be teaching with one of the best studios and some of the best teachers in Boston – seriously!!

outside the studio: i am a mom of an amazing 1 year old boy, jackson. i am engaged to marry justin prettyman on september 10th of 2011. i am a graphic designer. i am a marketing coordinator in the nanotechnology industry. i am an actress. i love really bad action movies. until about three years ago i had no idea how to whistle. i am petrified of karaoke. when i first started taking yoga i put teachers on a pedestal… thinking they were probably better, more calm and sane people than i was. but the truth is – we are all always students of yoga. we are all always working on ourselves. i am honored to be able to “teach” others what i know of yoga and i am honored to be able to learn from you as well.

i like to keep my classes fun, light, challenging and interesting. i love working with beginners and am happy to accommodate any students working with injuries or issues that might present themselves in yoga class. always feel free to come have a chat with me before and after class!! namaste & be well!