Alecia Dayger

Alecia answered her calling to become a massage therapist after nearly two decades of study and practice in the field of health and wellness. Earning a Master’s Degree of Physical Therapy in 2006, Alecia gained a comprehensive understanding of the body and expertise in how its systems integrate. While completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012, she explored eastern healing traditions and strengthened her connection with intuitive practices. Her strong background in human sciences combined with her commitment to honoring internal awareness allowed her thrive at The Massage School, where she completed an 800-hour training program, including 200 hours of hands-on clinical experience.

Alecia provides her clients with skilled therapeutic massage, including Swedish, Trigger Point, myofascial release, deep tissue, and sports massage.  Combining modalities from Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Yoga, she specializes in identifying and treating repetitive postural and movement patterns that contribute to biomechanical imbalance and chronic progressive injury. She believes in the body’s innate wisdom to restore balance and finds joy in partnering with clients to achieve optimal health.