Liv Gold


Liv Gold is available for appointments at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge on Mondays 4pm-7pm. To book other days and times, email her directly at or send a text to (617) 871-9762.

Liv specializes in orthopedic massage therapy and also offers private yoga instruction (vinyasa and yin), and Reiki. She is especially pleased to offer integrated wellness packages that allow clients to experience all three modalities: massage, yoga, and Reiki. Contact her for details. Liv trained at Cortiva Institute of Boston and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Liz Laneri


Liz Laneri is available for appointments at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge on Tuesdays 4-8pm and every other Saturday 10am-4pm. Make an appointment online or send her an email at She is also available at other times
dependent upon availability.

Liz is a graduate of Cortiva Institute of Boston and a member of the Massachusetts AMTA. She specializes in Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, sports massage, neuromuscular release therapy, and is Reiki II attuned.
Based upon clients’ goals and needs, Liz integrates specific bodywork techniques, pressure and self-care recommendations for each individual client.

Amanda McDonald

Amanda, E-RYT 500, has been practicing yoga since 1999. She got serious about yoga after moving to New York to pursue a career in musical theatre. The classes she was taking as a way to rehab her dance injuries and stay fit, brought her solace and calm in the chaos of a hectic lifestyle.  After realizing she was taking more yoga than dance or acting classes, she moved to India to further her studies. She has been teaching full time since she graduated from the Om Factory in 2011. She has since completed trainings at Studio Anya, Yogamaya and The Breathing Project. She leads the Om Factory Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, and teaches on and mentors other teacher trainings in and around New York City.

She loves the lessons yoga has to teach us about life and mostly teaches to get see students win small victories and gain confidence both on and off of the mat. She loves the invigorating aspects of yoga as well as the deeply relaxing and meditative aspects. She tries to share the joy, peace and clarity she finds in her practice with her students, while encouraging them to enjoy their own experiences. You can catch Amanda flipping through the air, laying on a bolster or holding plank in the heat by checking her weekly schedule at

Emily Griffin

Right after trying a few different yoga classes I became hooked! It just hit home with me. I love the heat, sweat and flow of vinyasa yoga; it is truly a practice that builds a strong and healthy body while calming the mind and encouraging awareness. Yoga has challenged me both physically and mentally. After beginning my practice I began to notice differences not only in my physical body but also in my life off of my yoga mat. I felt stronger and calmer – I became more present, gained the ability to let go and became extremely aware of my body. I knew I wanted to share this incredible practice with others.

I am a graduate of Prana Power Yoga’s teacher training program and am also certified in assisting/adjusting. I continue the study of yoga through a variety of teachers, workshops and trainings. My classes focus on breath and flow while maintaining proper alignment.

Dana Basilone

I am passionate about the benefits of yoga and know first-hand that yoga can inspire one’s life beyond the mat. Through my yoga practice I have found a sense of self and strength I never knew I possessed! Not only has my physical being grown stronger, my emotional being is developing with a sense of awareness, compassion and patience as I move forward on my journey.  I completed the Prana Power Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 and the South Boston Yoga Body Awakening Teacher Training in 2011.  My classes emphasize proper alignment and breath – with a sense of fun so that all students feel welcomed, comfortably challenged and open to the countless benefits of yoga.  I am happier, healthier and more secure with myself than I have ever been and I’m extremely grateful to have this opportunity to share this wonderful, beautiful practice with others.

Colleen Butaney

Colleen received her 200-hour yoga teaching certification in 2006, upon completion of a 4-week comprehensive training through the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Nassau Bahamas. Upon becoming pregnant with her daughter in 2012, Colleen received her 40 hour Pre-Natal Yoga training through 5 Points Yoga in Cambridge, MA.

Colleen’s practice of yoga began in 1997 when she took her first Hatha Yoga class at the Himalyian Institute in her hometown of Buffalo, NY. Her practice began to propel a year later after she was in a head on collision. It was this accident that catalyzed her into studying yoga as a form of healing, transformation & strengthening for the body, mind & spirit.

In 1999, her journey took her to California where she studied multiple yoga disciplines. These included Kali Ray Tri-Yoga, Iyengar Yoga,  Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ashtanga, & Vinyasa Yoga  Colleen is also influenced by the work of Shiva Rea &Dharma Mittra.

Colleen seeks to create a sacred container for growth, transformation, flexibility, strength, & heart centered connection to self & community in her classes. She truly believes that what comes up on the mat is a microcosm of what one is experiencing in the macrocosm of their everyday life. She believes “life is yoga, and yoga is life”, and to take what you learn on the mat into your daily reality.

Colleen is also a singer, songwriter, and  devotional chant & recording artist. She often weaves music and mantra into her classes. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist, a Reiki practitioner, and a Tantric educator.

Her greatest joy is being mother to her darling Aria, wife to her husband RJ, and doggie mama to their dog, Bodhi. She is eternally grateful to all of the teachers on the path before her, and feels forever blessed for the gift of Yoga in her life.

Wesley Collier

Wesley Collier has been practicing yoga since 2000. He is a graduate of the barkan method hot yoga and level ll vinyasa flow teacher training programs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After growing up in Boston with a background in the arts, Wesley moved to Northern California and took advantage of the “perfect weather,” running in over 30 marathons including a 62.5 mile ultramarathon in Florence, Italy. He has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and South America but found his passion right here in ny practicing yoga! His approach to life, his practice and his teaching are the same: breath, move, laugh, enjoy!

Victor Cotto

Victor discovered yoga as an outlet to relax, attain clarity, find strength and balance, and to keep centered and grounded. As an Occupational Therapist, he serves a diversity of clients of all ages and from all walks of life. These experiences have molded him into the yoga instructor he is today. A graduate of The Yoga Room’s 200-hour vinyasa training, Victor is now proud to guide students through a fun moving Vicyasa™ flow, while helping them break through real or perceived limitations in their practice.

Tanya Farmer

Tanya has experienced yoga’s transformative effects on and off of the mat. After taking her first power vinyasa class over a decade ago she left amazed at the calm, clarity and confidence she felt. After years of an infrequent practice she wanted to extend the blissful “yoga high” beyond the hour or so after leaving the studio. She decided to practice more regularly and as her practice deepened her confidence increased, she became more whole, more outgoing more authentic. With the support of her yoga community she began a 40 days of yoga program which included daily yoga, mindful eating and self-inquiry. As the 6 weeks passed she watched as her body changed, her thoughts changed and slowly her life off the mat began to reflect the progress she was making on her yoga mat. After completing the 40 days she immediately begin another 40 days on her own. She practiced an entire year without missing a day of yoga! The Bhagavad Gita states that yoga is: “The journey of the Self through the self to the Self.” She told everyone she was in love with yoga, but really by turning her focus inward she was falling in love with her truth, she was falling in with herself. As a yoga teacher and lifelong student of yoga Tanya hope’s to inspire others to take their yoga practice to new levels by falling in love with their true, awesome, limitless Selves. Tanya’s classes are hot, sweaty, playful and powerful with space for reflection and self-expression. Her teaching style is upbeat and supportive with a deep appreciation for physical alignment and yoga philosophy. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Stacie Lyras

Stacie has been practicing yoga for a while now, not finding her perfect fit until summer of 2011 and after graduating college with a Public Health degree. Vinyasa style yoga brings her athletic background into play with our own breath and getting to know our own bodies. At first doing yoga for exercise, then learning how much more there is to the practice. She tries to bring that to guide her fellow students and athletes toward the same realizations. Stacie is also a runner and a crossfitter and knows that nothing ties into those things more than yoga!

Stacie is 200hr certified by prana power yoga. Her style is more athletic based, challenging and FUN, (great music too might we add), yet perfect for first timers as well! Come sweat, breathe, and flow with Stacie!

Slavica Milosevska

Slavica Milosevska is originally from the Metro-Detroit Area, and moved to New York City in 2006. She initially began practicing yoga for the physical benefits and started noticing her anxiety levels decreased dramatically, her mind was clearer and she was just happier. She felt like a whole new person and wanted to explore the depths of yoga. Slavica had various jobs in TV production but was not fulfilled, so trusting her gut, she quit her last “job” to become a yoga instructor. Slavica received her yoga teacher certification through Prana Power Yoga in 2010.Slavica teaches vinyasa, yin yoga and her trademarked program HIPrana (Yoga Belly Dance) at yoga studios and gyms. She created HIPrana to keep things fun for those who may be bored with exercise and to burn fat and calories. Working with adults, families and children, her passion is to bring people together through yoga and to have fun.

Sigrid Pichler

Born and raised in Austria, Sigrid moved to New York in 1998 and discovered yoga in 2004 to balance an active and sometimes hectic lifestyle. A few major changes in her life later, she became a dedicated yoga practitioner in 2005, and in July 2007 Sigrid received her certification in the Barkan method of hot yoga in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( and completed her level II/III advanced training in October 2007; she is certified with the yoga alliance (ryt). In her classes she strives to help students to strengthen the body and calm the mind, to open themselves up for a transformational experience while at the same time detoxifying and electrifying the body and mind at their deepest levels. a good combination of breath, honest effort and physical work, mindfulness and good times allow the freedom for self-realization on and off the mat. Sigrid currently lives in Astoria and aside from practicing and teaching yoga, enjoys riding her bike, reading a good book, traveling to far away places and so many other things any given day is not long enough for. “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. boldness has genius, magic and power in it. begin it now.”


Shevy was first introduced to yoga while working for a fashion company and used the practice to ease the stress of the 8-hour work day. She soon found that the benefits of the practice helped her develop a clear sense of self and realized that working in that corporate environment was not stimulating her creativity or helping her find ways to be more joyful. She turned to teaching yoga as a way of paying forward the jewels of this practice to others. Her classes are about helping students breathe and become curious about themselves while building physical strength and flexibility in basic or challenging poses. She encourages students to ask questions of themselves, ie; what are my habits, how do I react when asked to do something unfamiliar and most importantly where does my mind go as I sit in these asanas? Shevy is a native New Yorker and also an actor. She uses her skills as a performer to help students be present throughout their practice.

She received certification from Om Yoga in 2005, Restorative Certification from Om Yoga/Cyndi Lee, Prenatal Certification from Mia Borgatta/Ma Yoga, Level 3 Meditation Certification with David Nichtern Senior teacher at Shambhala Center, NYC.

Sam Hagerbaumer

Sam came to yoga after a decade of running half-marathons. Initially hoping yoga could loosen her ever-tight quads, she was delighted to find the calm and centeredness that yoga snuck into her life, plus an all-over fitness that she had never found through running alone. While she hasn’t hung up her running shoes completely, yoga has become a near daily practice that Sam credits with quieting her mind, strengthening her body and lifting her soul.

Sam completed her 200-hour training at Prana Power Yoga Brooklyn. She likes to teach classes that are joyful and athletic, mixing sweat with music and laughter. Sam believes our bodies are our own best teachers, if we are willing to listen closely enough. She has been amazed to see incredible changes in her own life off the mat thanks to yoga – everything from conquering fears to healing old wounds – and hopes to deliver a joyful practice that allows her students the space to connect with their breath and travel their own unique paths.

Rachel Page

Unbeknownst to her at the time, Rachel began her Yoga practice with ahimsa (non-harming) in 1991 when she transitioned to a vegetarian, and eventually vegan, diet. Ten years later, she began her asana practice, and a daily meditation routine was soon to follow. Rachel is grateful to all of her wonderful Yoga teachers in a background that includes Integral, Jivamukti, Ashtanga and Anusara and her meditation teachers in the Zen and Theravadan Buddhist traditions. She is certified by Yoga Alliance and Integral Yoga and although she has completed over 600 hours of teacher trainings, she feels that her life and travels have been her biggest teachers. Whether serving in the Peace Corps in Africa, trekking through Costa Rica, living at an ashram in Virginia, studying Thai Massage in Thailand or just riding the subway in NYC, she finds the connection between all living beings and is honored to be able to share that with her students.

Molly F Flanagan

Molly is honored and delighted to share this powerful yoga practice with the world. She received her 200-hour yoga alliance certification in 2008 and has been practicing yoga since 2003. Molly brings a diverse background in the movement arts, including dance, gymnastics, american karate and the alexander technique, to every class. Her teaching is grounded in therapeutic principles of alignment that safely and evenly develop strength and flexibility in the body. Molly is humbled by the transformational power of yoga: as a haven in which we seek healing, a helm from which we steer our lives, and a crucible through which we realize our dreams. Molly is deeply grateful for her many teachers in their myriad forms, but especially to Rolf Gates and Alyssa Sullivan, for showing her the path and helping her chart her course.

Meghan Griffin

Meghan has been practicing yoga since she started college in NYC and realized it was “what the cool kids were doing.” But as she began to learn more about the history and real meaning of yoga, it became more than just a way to stay fit. It helped her to quiet her mind in a city that demands constant stimulation, find a calm space, and take the time to listen to her body. Overall, good stuff. She received her 200 hr yoga certification through Prana Power Yoga but, since this is a practice, the training is never ending. Meghan’s style of yoga is fun, inviting, and introspective. Come to class, do your thing, take what you need, and leave what you don’t. Yoga is for everyone and breathing is mandatory – because science. Roll out your mat and play!

Lotsie Cash

Coming from a professional ballet performance background transitioning to teaching yoga felt really natural. Lotsie received her 200 hr vinyasa teacher training from Frog Lotus Yoga in Acebo, Spain. She continued her studies with Sadie Nardini’s core strength vinyasa teacher training and Daniel Orlansky’s Yoga of Energy Flow 500 hr training in Newton, MA. She is also a level 1 certified AcroYoga teacher. She taught at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, MA until relocating to NYC in September 2013 and is happy to continue teaching at Prana. She teaches vinyasa and acroyoga in Brooklyn and Manhattan, is a birth doula, thai massage therapist and occasionally a freelance performer.

Kowa Mattern

Kowa got her first taste of yoga in 2002. As the benefits of movement through breath and mindfulness became more evident, the desire for daily practice became impossible to ignore. She continues to be amazed at the positive changes that take effect on her mat in both her mind and body. When Kowa moved to the NYC area in 2010, she visited Prana USQ and instantly felt drawn to the community of supportive teachers and students. In 2013, she received her 200 hour teaching certificate with Prana Power Yoga, and it was a life-changing experience. She feels so blessed to be able to share her love of yoga with others. Her classes focus on cultivating kindness and awareness of the self.