Ray Mucci

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Ray prefers a slow and methodical approach to bodywork that is influenced by many different techniques, as well as the input from his clients.  

There are many approaches to creating a treatment plan for a client, and it’s completely based on a client’s goals.  Here are some examples of what a single massage sessions might include: 
- Full body massage with a focus on relaxation.  This may or may not include deep tissue massage, depending on client’s goals. 
- Partial full body massage with a deeper focus on one or several parts of the body.  This is a good choice for someone who wants to get a particular area worked on more thoroughly and deeply, but still wants a general full body massage.  
- Focused appointment to work with chronic tension or an injury.  This is a good choice for clients with chronic injuries, chronic tension patterns or simply the desire to focus on just one area.  This might include PNF stretching techniques, deep tissue work, myofascial or active release
- Partial private yoga session with massage.  This is a great option for someone who wants to go over some alignment issues or questions, do a partial yoga practice and have it followed up with a massage.  Full yoga private sessions and massage are available as well.  
Massage appointments can also include a post-massage assessment of tension patterns in the body, and ways to work with shifting these with specific yoga poses, stretching or self massage techniques.  
Ray is also an E-RYT and teaches yoga classes and workshops at Prana Power Yoga.   
You can reach ray at  ray@pranapoweryoga.com or give a call or text at (508) 208-9035