Nityda Bhakti

Professional ballet dancer turned yogini, I love moving in a way that is creative yet smart, sometimes a little dramatic, always mindful and awakened with the breath. I've been teaching vinyasa yoga for over 9 years- having started at a small hot vinyasa studio in Chesapeake, VA in 2006, to moving through my advanced Prana Flow Yoga certification with Shiva Rea in Venice Beach in 2009. I've studied restorative yoga with Jillian Pransky, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and pre-natal yoga at Yoga Works, as well as getting fully certified in Pilates in 2010 and Holistic Health Coaching in 2008.  I'm a licensed psychotherapist having a Master's in clinical Social Work from Fordham University. I might be a little obsessed with learning. Equally enthusiastic about creating, I formed The Yoga Wellness Space in an effort to make yoga feel less intimidating and more assessable for any and everyone. To further integrate my work as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher I created Yoga Heal® - yoga with a therapeutic alignment. To learn more please join me at
Peace, love and namaste.