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Prana Cleanse





You can do The Prana Cleanse™ anytime you want for as long as you want!

Detox your body & your life – on YOUR schedule.

The Prana Cleanse™ On Demand has traditionally been a 4-day juice cleanse designed by Taylor & Philippe to help you detox your body safely and with support.  But now, yes, you heard us right Yogis, you can cleanse for as many days as you want–one, two, forty-two. You choose.  As Taylor says, “You always have a choice.”

You will receive an inspirational, educational, and supportive email from Taylor & Philippe for the first five days of your cleanse journey and a FREE PRANA POWER YOGA CLASS for every TWO DAYS that you CLEANSE!

The details:


  •   You may start your cleanse on any Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.?* Please register at least 48 before your start date.
  •   You will receive 5 GREEN juices each day you are cleansing. Mmmmmm.
  •   Your will pick up your juices at Prana Winchester (after 10am), to be specified at registration. You will pick up your juices on the Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Saturday that you are cleansing and you will receive enough juices to last you until your next pick up. Juices may be picked up within 15 minutes before any class begins or after any class ends. Please refer to the Prana Power Yoga schedule page for possible pick up times on any given day.
  •   You will receive DAILY INSPIRATIONAL, EDUCATIONAL, & SUPPORTIVE EMAILS from Taylor & Philippe guiding you through every step of this life-changing process for the first five days on your cleanse journey.
  •   You will receive ONE PRANA POWER YOGA CLASS on your Prana Power Yoga account for every two days you cleanse! (Classes must be used over your cleanse period). So if you sign up for four days of cleansing, you receive two free classes. If you sign up for 8 days of cleansing, you get four free classes. If you sign up for ten days of cleansing, you get five free classes, etc. *Any current Prana Power Yoga pass will be frozen while you are cleansing.*
  •  Our juice is delivered fresh by Nourish Your Soul in Medford Ma.  Made from organic and fresh pressed juice.


And that’s it! The juices you receive will be enough to nourish and sustain your body, while giving your digestive system a break allowing your entire system to detoxify.

Please always check with your doctor before beginning any Cleanse or exercise program.


What are you waiting for?

Order NOW:  http://nourishyoursoul.com/store/?refcode=KWH87F34

CANCELLATION POLICY: There are NO REFUNDS for registered cleanses.

 Please register at least 48 hours before your start date.

INDIVIDUAL JUICES please register at least 24 hours in advance.