“Thank you Taylor. You are such an inspiration to me–Such a great teacher that you find the teaching everywhere and give it more power and purpose with your words and your forum.” – MB

Class Descriptions

All Levels
An all levels class is a vinyasa yoga practice in a heated room. Vinysasa yoga is a vigorous series of postures linked with movement that will open and cleanse your body, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, and calm, soothe, and open your mind. “All levels” means that if you’ve never practiced or you’re an experienced practitioner, you’ll feel at home, challenged, and at ease. Prana Power Yoga is about empowering you to be you–where you are now–and feeling great about that, while also empowering you to grow beyond your wildest dreams. The All Levels Class is the fertile ground for this growth. And always remember, no matter where you are on your yogic path, listen to your body and rest when you need to in child’s pose.  Unless otherwise noted, we heat our studios to a comfortably sweaty 95-99 degrees Fahrenheit to create “tapas” (healing heat for your body, mind, and spirit), help you to sweat out toxins–including negative thoughts, replicate the heat of India where yoga originated over 5000 years ago, and to assist you in transforming to your pure potential on all levels.

Prana 2 Music
All Levels Prana Power Yoga Flow set to music.

Hour of Power
One of our most popular classes, the hour of power is simply our all levels class (see above) that is 60 minutes long instead of 75 or 90 minutes long. Unless otherwise noted, we heat our studios to a comfortably sweaty 95-99 degrees Fahrenheit to create “tapas” (healing heat for your body, mind, and spirit), help you to sweat out toxins–including negative thoughts, replicate the heat of India where yoga originated over 5000 years ago, and to assist you in transforming to your pure potential on all levels.

All Levels (Not Hot)
This class is our usual vigorous vinyasa flow, but taught in an unheated (80 degrees) studio. The Prana Power Yoga standard, it incorporates the perfect blend of physical and spiritual challenge. The unique structure of this Prana Power Yoga class will provide you with a challenge no matter where you are: whether you are new to yoga or already have an established practice, you will sweat, cleanse, tone and detoxify your body. we welcome modifications in any pose. Prana Power Yoga is about you, your unique needs and path. 

Pre-Dawn Practice with Taylor
This class is $10 CASH ONLY – no passes no exceptions – and is different than other Prana Power Yoga classes.  The class is silent and the studio is lit by white twinkle lights. Taylor practices at the front of the class and you may follow her practice, or not. It is a meditative way to start your day and create anything that you want.  

Community Class
This class is taught by a teacher trainee or recent graduate and is offered to the public at a discount.

Even though our All Levels Class is for all levels–including people who’ve never practiced ever–we still have students request a “beginners” class, so we created this basics class. You’ll still do the famous Prana Power Yoga flow, but it will be a bit slowed down and certain more advanced poses will not be offered. If you’re new to this practice, you’re totally fine in the All-levels but if you feel more comfortable starting with the fundamentals, go for it!

Basics (Not Hot)
This class is the same as our typical basics class – perfect for beginners – and taught in an mildly heated atmosphere (80 degrees).

This class is geared to students who already have a strong foundation in Prana Power Yoga (approx 20+ all-levels classes). You will get the same basic Prana Power Yoga, but be ready to take what you know and deepen it: new poses, advanced variations on basic poses, and increased emphasis on holding challenging poses are the hallmark of this class. 

Hot Hatha
This 90 minute class is a therapeutic and invigorating collection of postures suitable for students at all levels. While it is a whole body practice, there is more emphasis on spine strengthening and weight bearing compressions for the joints. While the sequencing is similar to a bikram style class, it differs in that there is more flow and more variation in the poses. It does not include the chaturanga dandasana “yoga push-up” so is a wonderful compliment to students in a power vinyasa practice and is also an alternative for those recovering from wrist and shoulder issues.

Prana Kids
Prana yoga for children.

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga
Classes are not heated and are open to women who are pregnant, planning to be pregnant and recovering from having a baby. This practice is beneficial for new and experienced yoga students at every stage of pregnancy, it can also be helpful in preparing the body for pregnancy and rebounding post pregnancy. Classes will focus on a rhythmic flow of dynamic and restorative postures while honoring the changing needs of pregnancy through modifications and instruction on proper anatomical alignment. Classes will use the power of the breath to transform the discomforts of pregnancy and build strength, confidence and peace. All levels welcome.

Relax & Renew
A more soothing, restorative series of postures practiced in a gently heated room that will allow your body and mind to find more surrender and ease.

Slow Flow & Meditation
Restore your mind and remember who you are. This class will consist of gentle opening poses for the shoulders, hips, and back and a deep guided meditation. Some topics it will explore are the difference between concentration (dharana) and meditation (dhyana), debunking meditationmyths, and exploring various meditation techniques. This is a great class for newcomers to the practice of meditation and is highly recommended for newer yoga teachers and teacher trainees.

AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. This is an all levels class covering static postures, therapeutic flows, inversion pyramids, acrobatic transitions, calibrations, and progressions.

Power Up/Power Down
45 minutes of active, flowing vinyasa, followed by 45 minutes of exquisite, restful restorative practice – all set to music. Vinyasa gets your body flowing, it warms and strengthens your muscles, while the restorative aspect of the class allows you to cool down and stretch in a grounded and mindful way. A strong emphasis on meditation makes this the perfect class to finish off your weekend. The temperature be warm – between 80 and 85 degrees (slightly warmer for the vinyasa, and slightly cooler during the restorative) – so that you leave feeling rejuvenated and ready for the week to come.

Heated Alignment Flow
This one hour class will focus on the alignment and anatomy of yoga. Great for beginners but also anyone who wishes to practice with an attention to detail, classes will focus on building each pose from a solid anatomical alignment. Modifications will be provided; opportunities to move into more challenging variations will be offered as well.

Hot Barre
It is a complete workout meant to challenge every body, regardless of age, gender, or level of fitness.  The hot barre classes will focus on using breathe and movement to sculpt your body and free your mind. In our workshop we will describe the postures and explain the terminology most commonly used in barre class.   You will love this fast-paced, energetic, fun-filled workshop. You will spend the final half hour stretching and relaxing after working to your edge.

Power and Play
Warm your body up with 40 minutes of vinyasa; follow the flowing yoga with play time. The latter half of this yoga class will incorporate arm balances, inversions and elements of AcroYoga.  The room is gently heated (80-85 degrees) so your body can safely warm up without any risk of slipping as we transition into play.  The emphasis will be on creating a safe space to try new things, build strong foundations, and explore.