We keep it simple. There’s enough drama and politics out there in the world, so we keep it out of our five Yoga Studios. Instead, you’ll experience a feeling of love, connection, belonging, acceptance, and good energy in our Prana community. Our studios are heated to a comfortably sweaty 90-95 degrees F unless otherwise noted. We’re not about ego or competition, because that’s not yoga, and it leads to suffering. We believe in abundance in everything, so there’s no need to compete – on any level.  We don’t have mirrors in our studios because we want people to focus on their internal vision of themselves, freeing them to be their authentic self. 

We believe that everyone is a yogi, and that means you. You don’t need to be flexible or thin or have the “right” clothes. You don’t need to know ancient Sanskrit or burn incense in your home. All you need to do is show up and do your best with breath. You will transform your body, your mind, and your whole life with this practice, just as we did and continue to do on a daily basis. You are reading this now, and so you’re on the path, and your transformation can begin NOW.


You’ve got nothing to lose except the fear and anger and weight that you’ve been holding on to. At Prana we offer the best heated flow ever, and it is consistently well-taught and back-friendly.

Have a “bad” low back? This practice can heal it. This practice can heal your whole life. We’ve seen it happen again and again, student after student. The Prana Power Yoga™ flow invites breakthrough insight and also leaves you feeling awake, aware, energized, revitalized, cleansed, calm, and HAPPY.

Get ready to transform your body, your mind, and your life, rediscover happiness, and remember who you are.

Come to Prana today and often, and see for yourself what everyone is talking about. Walk the path that over 40 thousand happy and centered Prana Power Yoga™ students are walking and create your own journey, enjoying a community where you’re always welcome and where you’ll always feel great after you finish your practice–on all levels. We invite all yogis – from beginners to experienced, from “non-athletes” to elite athletes.

See you soon and have the best day ever!  


-Taylor and Philippe + 5

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